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Friday, July 22, 2005

Fun Fun

You guys sooo have to look at all of my pictures....PLEASE commment!!! hehe anywhos heres the link again:
:) much <333 ya. Umm I went to my friend Mels last night that was pretty cool. We watched Aladdin and The Wedding Singer...two of the GREATEST movies ever....of course you knew about Aladdin because my wedding song is on there so duh lol. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are my favorite movie couple ;) (50 first dates) also a GREAT movie....I'm a sucker for romantic movies and blah blah...I cry when it gets sappy lol....pretty sad huh? Umm what else? Ohh I found these cute blinkie things check them out :)
hahaha cool beans huh? I steal....ahem....borrow these from people lol. Anyway...I am really tired....but this is about the only time I can actully get on the compuer and not worry about people bothering me to get off so I can actually write to you all. Hmmm, well tomorrow is plans yet, which is sad, I mean friday? No plans? For a 16 year old!!?? OMG what is this world comming to!? Ha, ya too bad my parents never just let me go....I know they want to watch over me...but I have to make my own mistakes and chioces don't I? Even then, they should know me well enough to not get caugh up in "what's cool" caz it's lame...maybe that's just me I dunno.But stinks for me....It's not that I'm a COMPLETE loser...I could find someone to go do something I'm sure lol...I just can't. Oh least I can say I have it better then some people. okay, well I think I have rambled on long enough, I don't have much to talk about anyway hehe. SO I'm going to go to bed now...I am awake on about 5 hours of sleep in 2 days!! YESSSSSSSSSSS.....haha okay, goodnight all much <3 *mwah* <3 Fawn

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hey there

Ha, well I have to write something new now in order to have more comments ;) lol. So umm oh, I can't believe how many old friends I found on myspace, I found at least 6 from my old Christian school Bethany. I haven't seen any of them since the middle of 7th grade. So it's nice to be talking to some of them. Let's see what else? I've bee drawing some more, here's just a pretty cool picture that mandy took when I was in the middle of making Jasmine (my favorite Disney princess)

Kinda cool with an effect-y touch don't cha think? It was funny, I tried to make Dawn, but she looks evil, so ya, we won't put that one on here lol. Umm today was pretty good, I kinda feel asleep after my soap, as you all should know it is called Passions...hehe. So I didn't do much after I woke up except eat dinner then go do my exercises. After that me and Christiane decided to make an even tougher exercise plan than I was doing for cheer. So in the morning we start it, then after we are done with that we are going to look for jobs, I don't think I am going to get one though because with school work, and all of my after school activities, I won't be able to keep a steady job, which really stinks. Let's see, Wednesday I am going over to my best friend Mels house, then that night I have "Bible Study" which we are going bowling where I used to bowl all the time. ( I think I mentioned this before) Then I don't know what else I'm doing, I was invited to do stuff, but I don't know what's going on, until Saturday I am going to Missys (Amys friend) for a Birthday BBQ, which I am SOOO EXCITED ABOUT CAZ IT MAKES ME COOL!!! (haha that was for you Missy!!) lol anyway, so that's my plan so far. Hope I could entertain you for the time being :) Until then....buh bye <33

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Guys I am like sooo proud of myself, look at my pics blog, it is soooo awesome, please please please please!!! COMMENT!!! Thank you!! much <3

ready go there!! ---->

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Well, if you read Christiane's post, then y'all know that everything is all patched up, which is awesome. So I am very happy about that. Ummm let's see, today I went to the mall with one of my BEST friends Mel, oh and Paul came too (hahaha Paul, if you're reading this) Ya, so we hung out at Fiesta for a while, I found out some, interesting things.....but ya, then we came to my house and hung out untill Paul left, then me and Mel we talking for a while, and she's asleep now. I can hear my mom talking to Mandy about the way she dresses. I can't stand what a hoochie she tries to be. She wears oober tight shirts and shorts that are too small for her. I can't stand that. She's one of those people who just wants a lot of attension about it, but whatever. What else? Well, nothing new...some good things today, some bad, some sad....haha anywho, yupyup. So okay, I'm done being boring, TTYL! <33 Fawn

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh wow....

Okay, really, am I the only person who thinks this is annoying? When you are in the middle of talking and someone just interrupts you to say what THEY think? Ya....That's never fun. Noone can take me seriously, I know I like to have fun, and I'm not that much of a serious person....but when I am trying to be serious, why does everyone just laugh at me? I don't get it, I try to sort it so people know when I'm being serious and when I'm not, but I guess that's just not good enough. Anyway, Bible Study was pretty cool. Next week we go bowling instead from like 7-9, it should be fun. The funny thing is it's where I used to bowl all the time, I had this huge crush on this one guy, it's sooo funny, if you really wanna know email me and I'll let you know okay? Anyway, I have been sooooo bored, there is really nothing to do least with Dawn we had some fun, here I can;t have any fun. I don't know, I am really bored though, so I'm writing this. Well Sandys getting all mad now, so I gotta go! ttul much <33! <3 Fawn

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Well, yesterday was cool. I spent the night here with Dawn "house sitting" and I am again tonight. So I just wanted to write something in here. Ummm, ya I think today was a pretty good day, nothing bad. Not much to do when you don't have anyone to do anything with though. I have Bible Study tomorro night, I always look forward to that. Then I'm going with my family to Melissa's birthday party saturday. Here with Dawn we don't do much, we have watched a few movies, actually I think I've seen about 6 total movies in the past two days lol. What can I say I love movies! Okay, well Dawn wants me off now to play cards so I will talk to you all later okay? <33 ya <3 me

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Well, my life is hunky dory....I swear, my days just keep getting better and better!! Complete sarcasm there people....ok, let's start at the top.

Well, I keep getting promises form people who don't keep them. I am gong to be COMPLETELY honest here, and I'm not just saying this stuff because I am mad, this is the truth. I was promised that I was going to go to the movies with Christiane on Friday with her friends...did that happen? NO! Of course it ddin't...well it's okay, at least we were going to go to church on Saturday night together, oh wait, it is saturday night and guess what? I am at HOME!!! She also said on Wednesday night after we couldn't go out that the next time we went to church (suppost to be today) I would be able to go out with them, did that happen either? NO! Oh, well do you see a pattern here? I do, tomorro we are suppost to go to a church thing at 11am or sumthing, are we going to go to that? Well, let's look at this pattern, and my guess would be NO!!! Just great, everything is wonderful isn't it? Well since I am talking about Christiane, and she's is going to raed this, I might as well let it all out. For one, rules aren't different for her. She shouldn't be able to use the phone for more than 15 minutes just like the rest of us, or call boys for that matter. She shouldn't be able to have food and drinks in her room like we can't, or go out until like 1 am, and I am not the only person who thinks this, my parents agree, but she doesn't care!...Now she's all chummy with mandy, the person I can't stand!! And she isn't even who I thought she was, she puts on an act that shes all nice, but she just stabs you in your back, watever...I am done...

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Okay, I just need to get everything out. First of I am very p'oed at almost my whole family. I'm 16 years old, I should be able to start making some of my own decisions, no? Well my best friend forever and I were planning this trip for about a year now, and because there were some interruptions I couldn't get on the plane with her and go. So she found me this really cheap ticket that I could fly and meet her and her Grandma out there and we would hang out on Mrytle Beach for a while then we would all drive back to Arizona in her Grandmas moter home. Well Mom and Dad are really really REALLY making me mad because they won't let me go. It's for like two weeks, and they are fraeking out because I will leave Christiane here, and she IS part of our family now, and I don't see any need of having to hang out here if she's getting a job anyway you know? So someone please just tell my mom that I will be JUST FINE!!! If I can't do this now, how will I be able to do it next year to Hawaii for her birthday? I need to experience these things myself, weather or not they like it. As for the rest of my family, Amy is just making me mad because she;s not as funny as she thinks she is when it comes to picking on me, Sandy has turned into a smaller version of Mandy and that really bugs me, Mandy, is well Mandy, and I just can't stand AT ALL, Dawn...shes not bothering me, she's kinda a dork, but it's cool, at least I don't have to share a room with anyone else, Christiane is fine too, I did get kinda mad caz she took the front seat from me, and idk I guess I just feel that I had earned the front seat, because I did have to go through two other sisters you know? Then all of a sudden someone just takes my rightful place you know? But I guess I just didn't tell her caz I don't think she will understand because she's the oldest in her family ...if you are raeding this though Christiane, I am sorry, I just don't react well to change, you know I am a stubborn Taruas. Ya, anyway...then we have Andrea here...I absolutally LOVE this girl, but I hate that she is friends with mandy, because mandy walk all over her and it makes me want to just smack her sooo hard you know....anyway. last thing...there is this really cute guy that I met last night at Bible study, I don't know if I do like him caz I just met him, but I think there is potential, but Christiane likes him too, and she likes a lot of guys CHristiane tell me the truth would you get nmad at me if I started talking to him more and stuff, caz if u REALLY like him I won't I promise!!okay, I think that's all...I am good for's that for letting it all out? Thanks for listening, I will write later, alrighty, bye <3

Monday, July 04, 2005

Amys House

Well I went to Amys house this weekend. That was exciting. Well I guess some things were more exciting than others. Poker was really fun,so was exercising, so were the movies and going out to eat, other than that it was pretty lame. No swimming and no drinks like we were suppost to do, but idk....whatever happened there. Anyway, I'm not going to talk about anything else that's bothering me caz the onll people who read this anyway are Christiane and mom so what's the point if they're part of the prob?...and dont go asking me what did i do, caz i dont want to talk to u guys so just please leave me alone Free Layouts for Myspace and