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Saturday, October 08, 2005

What a week this has been

Man, this has just NOT been my week. All week has been spirit week, you would expect spirit week to be great. Well, it wasn't. I have been half sick all week. I was told I can't see Jason outside of school, not even after football season. This is a MAJOR bad thing, because of all this I can't concentrate in school caz I am trying to suish in any time we have together and it stinks. My grades are going way down as a result. Not that it is his fault in anyway, or anyone elses, it is my fault, I am just anyway, there was our homecoming football game. Not only did we lose 46 to 0 my Jason got hurt. omg i was bawling my eyes out!!! Someone came and hit him in the chest, hard! He was taken to the hospital in the emergency room. Luckily, it was only some bruised ribs....I want to see him so bad, I am waiting for a phone call from him to see if I am allowed to, please pray for him you guys. And also for his dad, we need him to stop being strict and just to open up you know? Anyway, he was suppost to be my escort at the game, but because he was down I didn't even want to be in the thing. But James ended up escorting me, I didn't win, but one of my best friends Jessie did and I am so happy for her! More than anything I just wanted to get away from there because the abulance was picking him up in one of those carry things...........I miss him. I need to seee him, soon. Like....really soon....anyway, here are some pics of me and him this spirit week.

Sci Fi day *my fav pic of us*

Disney day *we were Woody and Jessie*

Fashion Clash day *He is too cute*
mkay, that is all I have for now, I am off to get my dress for the dance tonight.....bye


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