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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm bored

....but I dont have enough time to actually write about EVERYTHING going on
me and Justins 9 month anniversary is today (caz its the 25th :P) and every day i fall more and more in love with him :)
school- i cant trust anyone there, not one single person and its stinks. Stephen is just too in love with danielle to see y i was mad at her so whateer he was just pretending to be a friend to me b4 caz now we arent anymore, ariel just started ignoring me for no reason but whatever she just brought on a whole bunch of drama for me, danielle is a backstabber and she didnt care otherwise she would have taken all that dance stuff back but she just really wanted to go with ryan caz she liked him, i hate hw and papers, and i might transfer schools or just drop out and get my ged
home- stress and depressions isnt that great? yeah now im taking these gay pills for depression because of all this stupid stuff that really shouldnt be anything but people are just so stupid and its really pathetic! I try sooo hard i freaking kno im trustworthy and people can tell me anything and i just hope that i find ONE FREAKING PERSON that i can tell everything and actually trust them with it u kno? but i never will and it makes me so mad....
so that pretty much wraps up things not in detail but just to keep u all up sry again :(


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