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Thursday, September 29, 2005

NFL Game Friday

This is my BESTEST friend in the WHOLE world and my twin isn't she THE SWEETEST THING EVER!?!?!?! lol I am a loser anyway......
Yup yup that is right, we have a game tomorrow! Let's all cross our fingers and hope Jason does AWESOME!! lol, I don't want him to lose his self esteem!! I don't want to be like ya he's second quarterback, I like saying just plain old quarterback ;) haha
ya but anyway, I had like 3 tests today...they actually turned out a lot easier than I that was great! Except for I found out my grades in all my classes, and lets say...they aren't very good....isn't that wonderful?...anyway so what all haven't I said yet, ummm oh ya, the whole crosscountry thing that we got in trouble for? Ya I was told by Mr Fritzmiller that he doesn't want me to go to anymore of them because he thinks I am a destraction...which is gay, it's not my fault, at anytime Jason could have been let's go back, but he didn't and of course that is MY fault...but w/e....umm homecoming, first it was no way, now its I dunno if we are gunna be in town...ahhh this is driving me nuts i really want him to be able to go!!!!! I don't see y dancing is such a big thing, his parents are saying the whole intamacy thing....but okay, we are DANCING!! HULLO!!! It's not like we are doing anyhting else you know?...I don't know, I think they are kinda over protective. Jason is a great guy, and he knows better than to do the stuff the are freaking out about. Mkay, well I really talk about him too mcuh, I am really sorry, I can't help it I can't go even 2 min with out thinking about him! What is wrong with me!?!?!?!?!?!?! But ya, umm I am really tired and I have to go take a shower and make cookies for our cheer bakesale well ya so ttyl much love! <333 Fawn


  • At 10:06 PM, Blogger JUST A MOM said…

    Hang in there Fawn,, love you ,,,,mom

  • At 12:23 PM, Blogger Sum kinda princess said…

    Hang in there Fawn! I am so proud of the way you're handling his psycho parents. That Dad must've been a real pistol when he was Jason's age to be so freaky about you two. Keep doing what you're doing... You have the patience of a saint from what I can tell.

  • At 11:25 AM, Blogger Always speak your mind said…

    YOU DON"T NEED A BOYFRIEND. THEY CASUE PROBLEMS AND YOUR BIG SISTER WILL HVAE TO KICK THEIR ASSES!!! HI FAWN, IM COOL, YOU KNOW IT!, GOOOO!!!! PATRIOTS!!!! LIKE TOTALLY!!!! U-G-L-Y- you aint got no alibi, you UGLY! M-A-M-A- How you think you got that way... YO MOMMA!! YO MOMMA!!!! ahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Like totally dude.


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