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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Haha sorry...

Well school started, not today monday, but last monday, and already drama....
of course, I am in the middle of it because of lies and stupid rumors, it makes me soo mad when people go around saying that I did something or said something that I NEVER said, may have heard it from someone but I don't go around telling people you know?? Ahhhh,'s calmed down now that, that four faced liar has finally left, poor Jello though, it makes me so mad that I won't be able to hang out with her because of that lil witch!! It's so gay....anyway, sorry I haven't written it will be harder now with less time and school work and stuff you know? So just write me messages on myspace, caz i always check that, or email me mkay well i guess that is pretty much it except that we have a scrimmage on friday!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! And then our pep rallie (that me and Ariel are in charge of) on thursday and our first REAL game on friday!!! YESS I am SOOOOOO excited!! Oh well thats wat i get for loving football sooo much!!!!!! hehehe okay goodnight all luv ya much, oh and HAPPY BDAY SANDI!!!! <3333 Fawn

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Well, it is now wednesday, and I can finally post something. Sandi (moms bestest friend) is here visiting!! She is such a sweetheart I just love her to death! lol anyway, she is cooking for moms birthday, which is TODAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! mmmmm let me tell ya it smells good in here! lol, anyway, I have been helping around at school for the past two weeks, the yearbooks are finally done and should be comming out anytime soon!! :) yay! umm let's see...I should have Bible Study tonight, but I'm not sure if I will be going because of moms birthday dinner, lol. School just keeps getting closer and closer....I can't wait until monday, I finally get to see my friends again on a regualr basis! Umm not too much else going on around here. Saturday I guess I am going to the school all day to help out Mr. B. with a school cleaning day, that is, if nothing better happens to be put out in front of me :) lol, ummm ya, I would put a whole bunch more on here, but I'm scared of who all would be reading it, from like myspace and stuff you know? So ya, I'll write when I can, when I have something intresting to tell y'all lol. So ya, Amy wants on now, bye!! <33 Fawn ohhh and here is our new cheer uniform what do you think??

Friday, August 05, 2005


Mkay, just wanna say one thing, I dont like posting unless I like get some sort of comment, I dunno, that's just how I Anyway, let's see what's been going on with YOU guys?? I would like to know. I had cheer camp, I cant wait to show everyone at school the great dance and new cheers we learned!! lol anyway, this past wek I have been working on yearbook, it's finally going to come out!!! anywayz, I also get to watch football practice, OMG.....let me tell you, its some HOT stuff!! hehehe, ya then I just kinda hang out with them for a while and whatever...then, ya. Umm what else...we had the orientaion thing tonight, mr b. likes to talk, it would be okay, if I hadnt heard the same thing 4 years in a row now lol. Oh well, so tomorro Danielle and Cara are comming over! YAY!! :) lol ya so hopefully we will go to the mall after hanging out with the football players, and yearbook, then my house, then mall. So ya that's my hope pla, oh ya, and then Chuys that night...wonderful...I just LOVE chuys...hope you caught my But ya, so I just posted caz mom told me to, so mkay, I think im done now, if u want to know nething else, theres not much, ive been more busy latly than i have almost all summer. so thats cool, and monday-friday next week volleyball and whatnots starts, so that will be cool too, then SCHOOL finally starts the 15th!! lol. ok, now im really done!! Oh!! Here is our new uniforms!! if i can get it on my pics site thing lol so ya ok bye! Free Layouts for Myspace and