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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another Boring Day

Well, yesterday and today have both been the same, super boring! I erally want to go out with some friends and do stuff, but they are either out of town now, too busy, or just don't like me I guess.....oh well, ummmm nothing new, Dawn left this morning with Jason again, I really want them to get married, but nooo she doesn't want to, LAME!! I really like him and I want them to get together....oh well, Sandy is with Amy, probably eating everything they have, that little piggy lol, Mandy is a pain in the neck as always, Mom and Dad are just, I don't know, around...and I'm just here, bored, like I said, wanting something to do, like REALLY bad, the begining of the summer I had to turn down a few parties, and now there aren't any, and my mom wouldn't let me go to one with Marlus last night, which is understandable. After all, she doesn't know the kid, I hardly do, so oh well....yeah, well I think I'm just going to check out my myspace now so talk to y'all later <33 Fawn

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Last Night and Today

Well, last night was pretty fun, I went to my friend Sara's Birthday party. It was kind of slow at first, but aren't all parties? Then some more of my school friends like Ashley and Stephen showed up and I was able to actually talk to people. There were some fun conversations with people, and some not so great. Stephen and I got into A conversation about "Simon" that was great....It made me feel even more depressed about him than before, I don't know what it is about this guy, I just hope that it doesn't last that much longer because he has caused me a lot of trouble. Funny thing is, he has no idea that HE caused it...Oh well. Anyway, yeah after I left the party with Ashley and Stephen, we saw this huge ugly spider!! It was like right in front of me I was freaking out! Anyway....I woke up around 12 or 12:30ish today, cleaned the kitchen, and got on here. Some kids that my mom babysat a long time ago are over, they are sooo cute and sweet, and growing up way too fast! Exciting huh? Well I guess I won't bore anyone with anything else, so I will write another one soon <33 Fawn

A Million things that make me happy

Ok well I took Christiane's idea, I think, I am going to write One Million things that make me happy, okay, well I will add as I think of them okay?

1. Friends
2. Shopping
3. Movies
4. Singing
5. Rain
6. Sun
7. Laughing
8. Boys
9. Family
10.My Nicknames
14.Small Things
15.Shiny Things
17.Lilies And Roses
18.Presents Given With The Heart
20.Ice Cream
24.IM'ing With My Friends
25.Getting E-mail, Or Written Letters
26.Yummy Smelly Stuff
29.Driving With Friends
30.My Room
34.Stuffed Animals
d)Track and Field
f) Bowling
37.Acting In School Plays
38.Singing By Myself And In Chior
40.Water Fights
41.Getting Kissed
44.Helping People
45.Giving Advice
46.Painting My Nails
47.Attension (Not Too Much But Not Too Little)
48.Making Things
50.Cell Phones
51.Writting In My Diary
52.Getting Things Off Of My Chest
53.Funny People
54.Nice People
55.Just....People :)
56.The Stars
59.Being Able To Succeed At Something
61.Cute Pens And Pencils
62.Watching Football Practice!
65.Medicine That Makes Me Feel Better
66.Random Things
68.Having Stuff To Do
69.Not Being Bored
70.Buying Presents For Other People
72.Starbucks (Fraps)
76.My Bed
79.Disney Characters
81.Baby Animals
82.Killer Whales
83.Road Trips
88.The Bible
89.Snow Globes
90.Birds Singing
92.Soft Tissues
93.Taking Hot Showers Or Baths
94.All Nighters
95.Being Thrown Into A Pool
97.Slow Dancing With Someone I Really Like
98.Coloring My Hair To Something I Like And That Looks Good
101.Sometimes, Being By Myself, Just To Relax
102.Hearing My Favorite Song On The Radio
103.Getting Good Grades
109.Fuzzy Things

Friday, June 24, 2005

My Friends

Well okay, I think I get this, and in my last post I said I was going to write a little bit about my friends, so here we go, but before I do, I want y'all to know that I won't be able to fit EVERYTHING about each person, it is just going to be brief and to the point okay!? alrighty here we go:

Christiane: She is "The Girl With A Smile" (literally look at her blog) She is one of the sweetest most helpful people I know, she is gorgeous, and I am lucky to have her moving in with me sometime this week! I love her to death she is like another older sister, only she is my friend too. She has always been there for me, and gives some of the best advice!

Jill: A.K.A. JELLO!! lol Jill is sooooooo sweet! She is good at everything! I look up to her, shes smart gorgeous, talented, and well, ya good at everything! She thinks shes not, but everyone knows she is! I love Jill to death and I would do anyhting fo her!

Ariel: I have known Ariel for the longest time, well okay not really but it sure feels like it! She is practically my twin, we know everything about each other and we have some crazy memories! I love Ariel to death, I know I keep saying that about all my friends, but it is how I feel about all of them! She is also gorgeous and super sweet, if you don't know her shes kinda quiet, but not unless you really know her, she is like SUPER loud lol!!

Danielle: OMG! lol I love her sooooo much! She is so funny and bubbly!! She is sooo cute and talented! She is the BEST TAPDANCER EVER!! lol I should stop now caz I can write a lot

Sam: Sam is very quiet but shes so much fun and is kinda crazy sumtimes! She will be a model when shes older, because shes in love with the camera lol

Christina aka X-ina! and Sarah: these sisters are soo much alike, cute and super friendly, probably the most christian conservative people that i know, but because I like to have fun, whenever they are with me, I make them fun!! hehe i love them!

Katie: Katie is soooo pretty! She is so crazy and fun! We have way too much fun together, like at the mall, and walking though the desert, haha, okay anyway....

Jessie: Jessie is a person I know I can trust because she tells me everything and I tell her everything, she is pretty and crazy!

Actually, maybe this wasn't a good idea....because I have sooo many friends, and I don't want people to be like omg I wasn't on there when all I did was forget to put them on here, so I am just going to stop with them, because I just feel so bad because I have soo many other great people, and it would tak me forever to put on here, so yeah, if you are my friend, you know, and if you want to know how I feel about you, just ask ;) luv ya! <33 me

First Blog

Well, here we go....I am new to this, so I have no idea what to write on these things, so I guess I can start with me. My name is Fawn, I am 16, turned it on May 19th. I have many interests and hobbies including the sports I play such as volleyball, Basketball, Cheer, Track and Field, and Softball! Ummm, I love to be in the musicals and plays at our school, and I love to sing! :) I have some of the best friends in the whole world! I can give you a description of each one in my next blog okay? I am addicted to Starbucks, Shopping, Movies, Purses, Sunglasses, and most of all Flip-Flops! I like anything small and shiny, I guess I'm kind of a girly girl, but I don't know if you could completely say that because I love sports. I'm the kind of girl that will pretty much try anything once. I am Christian, and I love God with everything I have! I'm involved with a Bible Study on Wednesday nights, which is very fun! Actually, I just got back from Mexico on Sunday night, that was a great trip! We passed out the New testament in Spanish to the poorer Mexicans, I got to snorkel for the very first time and that was one of the most fun and exciting things I have ever done! I am an easy going person, and I care a lot about everyone that I meet....I'm very self conscious, and I'm trying to work on my ability to like myself better and my looks, I guess I just don't like the thought of sounding egotistic because that is one of the WORST things that I think can be in a well I think I have written enough for now, and mom is telling me to get off so that my annoying little sister can get on so I will talk to y'all later <33> Free Layouts for Myspace and