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Live to Dream

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My slate is wiped clean :)

And it feels like I have a new life :) & let me tell you, I am loving life! Justin os the most amazing thing that has happened to me ever. I love him with everything I have, and yes, I actually can SAY it to him because I mean it :) & He loves me too, which makes it better because it takes two ya kno :P

He just makes life worth living :) We have sooo much fun when we are together & Prom was too great! Of course, it's not JUST him who makes me so happy (even tho he is to blame for most of it) I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for too. Danielle, Stephen, Sean, Mel, James....etc they all add in & help out :)
So yeah I guess you could say I am pretty happy right about now. If you want to know anything don't hesitate to ask caz I dont mind talking I am very open with my life lol...
But yeah, again, I am sorry I never write on here, I mean to really I do...I just get distracted by myspace or something lol.
But yeah anyways...this weekend was so much fun! Friday night was the 8th grade play & Sandy was sooo good! Saturday I went over to Justins & went with him to his friend Derk's graduation party, & I actually had a lot of fun :) Then after that he came back here where we met up with Arash & went to Danielles 16th bday party & I had a lot of fun there as well. We went swimming & danced and stuff so it was pretty cool. & Today....well I should be doing my paper, but I am way to lazy to actually do it...& Justin has 2 papers & is responsible so I cant hang out with him & all my other friends are being responsible & cant hang out either :( I am such a bad student...but what do you expect the last week of school? It's just like pshhh its the last week!! no one wants to actually do anything lol. Yeah okay I am being a nerd again. So yeah okay you ppl need to comment on this so that I actually dont feel like I am just writting to no one mkay? Thanks :)
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