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Live to Dream

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Days are back again!

Yay! lol well yeah, so you all know that my life did a comeplete flip around in the opposite direction from where I once was. (It was a bad place lol) But yeah so you all have heard about Justin by now, my official boyfriend one a week & a day, yeah I kno not too long. But either way he makes me so happy :)

I love spending time with him. I am kinda sad that he is leaving saturday for the senior trip :( for 12 days! Oh well, at least I get to hang out with him Friday night after the senior play. But yeah I am really sorry I havent been on in forever, I know I always say that but yeah.....I am trying to catch up mkay? Plus mom sorta does for me :P
Okay well besides that & Prom I actually have good grades! We just got them in today & I have A's & B's & one c+ but only because we have only had like 4 assignments lol. I am really happy I have been doing a lot better this tri, better than all c-'s anyways! Haha okay I will ttyl guys bye <33 Free Layouts for Myspace and