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Live to Dream

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm such a loser

Sorry guys!
Sooo much has happened...
I'm sure moms told you most of it if not heres a little bit...
Umm Grades wayy up! =]!!
Jason = NOT WORTH IT, been over him a LONG thing ;P wanna see?
Yeah he's a cutie, names Justin, I think I might have a little thing for him....but shh lol.
so ya, I mean thats basically wat I talked about so ya.
Morro I am having a bbq :)
Ariel, Danielle, James, & Mel, possibly stephen & justin are all comming. so ya should be fun!
& I'm suppost to go see the date movie with Justin this weekend, but we will see what happens then!
kk thats about it 4 now byezz Free Layouts for Myspace and