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Thursday, January 19, 2006

<3 I'm still in love....even tho it hurts
Sad huh?
Well I am really sorry for not writting in...well a longggg time.
Okay, well....ummm...I thought i was done, over with, foret him, he's not worth my time....well, I guess I just went thro a stage or something....I love him, so much, more than anything, i would do anything for him, or to have him back. It really hurts...gosh I miss him...okay I am really sorry, I really am not trying to be all dumb. Lol well last time I wrote I was mad at James, we are good now lol. Actually I thought I liked him for a while, but I guess i was just trying to get over Jason untill I realized there is no way caz I love him too much...& he was worth my wait. Am I being dumb & unrealistic here?
I need some help...I mean i am going on with my life, my grades are actually pretty good, I am having fun with my friends, but i just want to give him a big hug & kiss & for him to tell me it was all a bad dream um kno?.....ya...
well anyway, we finally won our girls games (first ones ever!!) (2 of em) so that was awesome! & we have one morro, which I hope to do really good in so that I might have a chance at MVP again.....but it's hardly going to happen, which makes me lets cross our fingers!
Yaaa, so party this weekend after the game, then Ariels house, those are my plans for the rest of this week, but I'm trying to just go day by day...
OMG EXACTLY 4 months til I am 17!!! Sweeeet lol
mkay ttly
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