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Thursday, September 29, 2005

NFL Game Friday

This is my BESTEST friend in the WHOLE world and my twin isn't she THE SWEETEST THING EVER!?!?!?! lol I am a loser anyway......
Yup yup that is right, we have a game tomorrow! Let's all cross our fingers and hope Jason does AWESOME!! lol, I don't want him to lose his self esteem!! I don't want to be like ya he's second quarterback, I like saying just plain old quarterback ;) haha
ya but anyway, I had like 3 tests today...they actually turned out a lot easier than I that was great! Except for I found out my grades in all my classes, and lets say...they aren't very good....isn't that wonderful?...anyway so what all haven't I said yet, ummm oh ya, the whole crosscountry thing that we got in trouble for? Ya I was told by Mr Fritzmiller that he doesn't want me to go to anymore of them because he thinks I am a destraction...which is gay, it's not my fault, at anytime Jason could have been let's go back, but he didn't and of course that is MY fault...but w/e....umm homecoming, first it was no way, now its I dunno if we are gunna be in town...ahhh this is driving me nuts i really want him to be able to go!!!!! I don't see y dancing is such a big thing, his parents are saying the whole intamacy thing....but okay, we are DANCING!! HULLO!!! It's not like we are doing anyhting else you know?...I don't know, I think they are kinda over protective. Jason is a great guy, and he knows better than to do the stuff the are freaking out about. Mkay, well I really talk about him too mcuh, I am really sorry, I can't help it I can't go even 2 min with out thinking about him! What is wrong with me!?!?!?!?!?!?! But ya, umm I am really tired and I have to go take a shower and make cookies for our cheer bakesale well ya so ttyl much love! <333 Fawn

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I LOVE life right about now except.... I need to keep up. I am so sorry guys! Okay....well latly things have been graet because I have this AWESOME guy! If you read my moms, I know you have seen him. He is the sweetest guy I know, and he cares about me sooo much! He has even told me he loves me....I haven't said it back yet, I don't know, I just don't want anything bad to happen with us. I mean he has actually said he is IN LOVE with me....and idk that is a BIG thing for me to hear, at first I was like oh it's just something that's not gunna last....but he said he really means it and he wrote me a note telling me why he loved me and I told him that love to me is wanted to spend the rest of your life with sumone and you can't live w/o that person....omg u know what he said!!?? He was like oh I thought that was implied!! AWWWWWW!!! Okay, you see me and Jason have been friends since 8th grade, and we both have liked each other since then...and we tried the whole bf/gf thing last year....but it only worked out for like a week caz I was the biggest loser and I regretted that more than I have ever regretted anything.Ya, so anyway that's a little bit of we are trying this again, he is not OFFICIALLY my bf....caz he has to concentrate on football....he's the quarterback, and the football players at my school aren't really suppost to have gfs untill after fb that stinks...but it's okay, I made him wait all this time, it's only fair right ;P haha....anyway, the bad things about this....
his parents....they don't want there little boy holding hands with a girl and all that stuff....they saw us holding hands at Lake Havisue...that wasn't good. We got a ticket, 3 hrs community service, 2 supervised lunches, his parent won't let us hang out outside of school until after football season, and I couldn't cheer at the fb game last wednesday. Ya, that stinks!! Then today at the crosscountry meet, we went walking around the lake and we stopped in the fritzmiller came over and he was super mad that we weren't over by everyone...but it was break time! and his race didn't start until the VERY ya b/c of that I might not go to Havisue again, which is lame, but w/ I guess that's pretty much everything lol.....ummmmm ya, well Jason makes me soooooo unbeliveably happy. I am happier than I have ever been in my whole life!! OMG it was sooo cute at the ccountry meet today we were talking and somehow we were talking about last year when we tried this, and he knew the exact date and time he asked me out and what day it ended...OMG!! how horrible is that i don't know that kind fo stuff and HE DOES!!! AHHH!!! I thought it was sooo sweet!! Man I am crazy about this guy! Mkay, well here is a pic of the cutie in case you haven't seen it:

Isn't he sooo cute! lol wow, I am crazy....well I should stop writting now....I will try and keep up I am sorry! Oh...about pretty much everything here shhhh mkay? hehe alright have a great day! Love, Fawn Free Layouts for Myspace and